To add a centre to Infomedical database, you need to click “Add company”, in the upper right hand corner.

Then, a website will appear, where you can choose between a free entry and a paid one (SILVER or GOLD package). After selecting the chosen type of entry, a blank form will appear, where you can enter all the information about your company. If you choose a paid package, you may also add photos and files to download. After completing the blank form click “Send”.

The last point of the blank form is personal data (name, surname and email address) request for the person who is introducing the centre’s data. This information is indispensable to verify the data.

All the necessary information on the packages is in the “Offer” section.



To facilitate centres’ search, we offer you three different types of search engines.


1. Basic

- visible on the main website, facilitates search according to their names, specialties, and also according to hey words (words describing the centres, e.g.: a company selling assistive/medical devices, can be found by searching words such as: crutches, corsets, compression stockings, verticalizers, wheelchairs).


2. Advanced

- visible on the main website, facilitates centre’s search not only according to its name or category, but also shows the centres according to:

* the category they belong to (e.g.: hospital, clinic)

* city

* voivodeship

* specialties

* disease

* street

* medical centres with car park

* centres with contract with National Health Fund (NFZ)

In order to start searching using advanced serach you do not need to mark all the spaces, it is sufficient to choose the most important for you.

For example:

Mrs. Anna wants to find a hospital in łódzkie voivodeship with oculist services. She chose the following in the browser:

        category >  hospital,
        voivodeship >  łódzkie,
        specialties >  ophthalmology

and as the result she got a list of hospital with the chosen services.


3. Advanced with filtering the results option

- after choosing the category of medical centres, you can filter the results: show centres localized in a certain voivodeship or city.


Search results appear always under the browser. For this reason, to get familiar with centres’ entries that fulfill your requirements, please scroll down the page to the point below the browser.



In case of any changes to your centre or company data, you may always update them. Just click “Data update” placed below each centre’s entry. In message’s title put the previous data and information on changes to be introduced to the entry.



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